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The show marked Diesel Black Gold's second in Milan following its return to Italy from New York earlier this year.

Having recognised the American market as an integral part of the business, Diesel owner Renzo Rosso had previously found New York to be the logical place to show his collection.

Last September, Porn Hub decided to get in on the fun by launching its own apparel collection, and now the industry is returning the favor by running their own ads on the platform. The next time you search BBW or MILF or whatever you are searching on your favorite procrasturbation site, don't be surprised to see a steamy ad or two for Diesel denim. If Calvin Klein can draw inspiration from the tales from these services, why shouldn't Diesel advertise directly on them?

The company — which has a long history of news-making campaigns — has announced that it will be advertising on everything from Pornhub and You Porn to Tinder and even the gay dating (read hookup) app Grindr. According to reports, the campaign will be the first time a major fashion brand has partnered with an X-rated streaming platform.

Formichetti describes her as an inspiration, and says "she's totally fearless." "You don't have to be a conventional model type to represent [my] brand," he continued.

It's a crazy time in the fashion industry right now.

Thinking he’d rather fail big than flounder along, Rosso permitted himself to experiment with some far-fetched schemes. After acquiring a majority stake in Marni in December, Rosso announced in April that he had hired Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s former stylist, to serve as Diesel’s first artistic director.

Once considered too mass market for the world of luxury goods, Rosso has morphed in the past decade into one of its highest rollers.

This digital-focused (and underwear-heavy) campaign fits right in with Diesel's new advertising strategy: The campaign will appear on sites like Pornhub and You Porn, as well as on Grindr and Tinder.

The fashion-world corollary to chaos theory: A box of rice pudding eaten by a boy in Italy can trigger a worldwide avalanche of 0 jeans. Rosso, the 57-year-old president of OTB—the holding group that controls Diesel, Viktor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela, and, most recently, Marni—is sitting in the cafeteria of his company’s buzzing new headquarters in the countryside north of Venice.

A son of the region, Rosso was born on a farm in Brugine, a town that at the time boasted one car and two televisions. “When I was 5 years old, we had nothing in the village,” Rosso recalls.

Fashion designer Nicola Formichetti continues to do awesome things with his "reboot" of Italian denim brand Diesel.

In his role as the label's artistic director, he cast last leason's ads with models found on Tumblr, including plus-size graffiti artist Michelle Calderon (below), androgynous model Omahrya Mota and former Olympic swimmer Casey Legler.

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