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Their love for you can drive them to “appear” to be more compatible than they really are.For most people, the pressure of trying to be someone they’re not eventually takes it toll and they revert back to their previous behavior. The Faith Question: Are you at a compatible level of faith?Below is a list of our research interests; for more information, use the drop down above. Paul Lidner is a gynecologist and former boyfriend of Camille Saroyan.After all, this is the most important decision you’ll make in life after your decision to follow Jesus. The Authenticity Question: Who was this person before you met one another?In other words, look at his/her historical pattern of behavior before you met.Of the bond Paul and Brandi have formed, Adrienne doesn’t believe it's authentic.“I believe getting close to Paul is a ploy on Brandi’s part to make herself more relevant,” his former wife warns.

With their defeat, whatever plans the Nazis had for the scrolls vanished.

“I feel the sudden friendship with him was thought out and vindictive.”But Brandi defends herself, telling : “She [Adrienne] is not a very nice person; she pretends to be.

Paul Meier, Meier Clinics' counseling staff, and professional associates of Meier Clinics.

Radiocarbon dating proved it to be the second oldest complete Torah known.(scribe who writes a scroll) copied the Five Books of Moses onto parchment made from the skin of a kosher animal, likely a lamb or sheep.

Steven Jacobs with the Torah rescued from the Nazis in the Czech regions of Bohemia and Moravia.

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