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The 1 Momme silver note is approximately 46 x 192mm.

It has a small hole at the top allowing the notes to be strung together.

Like most hansatsu, the note is block printed on heavy rice paper.

The front of both notes features a vignette of the god Daikokuten and the clan seal. He is portrayed seated on two bales of rice carrying a huge sack.

It is not that easy, considering that there are various ways to state the date.

Though standards are being introduced, some countries have different orders. the date starts with the day, then the month and last the year.

The tricky part is the use of Kanji characters for the day, month and year. 年 (nen) means “year”, 月 (gatsu) “month” and 日(nichi) means “day”, though the reading (“nichi”) depends on the day and might vary.

The note was made to be folded in half, so it could be carried like regular hansatsu.

The back is essentially blank except for seals or writing.

In this system consecutive years are united in cycles for 60 years in everyone.

Each year inside a cycle has the hieroglyphic designation.

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