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I’ve watched others not do a damn thing at work all day, and then have the nerve to saunter into my office to ask me to help them with something.

I’ve had people invite me to their homes only to get me in a private space where they could comfortably ask/say inappropriate things about my personal life and my scholarship.

The third party Grindr app – Meet’m for Windows Phones has finally been shut down by the eponymous service it piggybacks off of.

In a message to users, the developers of Meet’m advised users about new security protocols which prevent them from enabling the social features of the app such as messaging and viewing nearby users.

By now the time has come to switch to an Apple or Android phone…While Windows phone still has other niche dating apps like Jack’d and Scruff (as well as third party app support for Tinder and Happn), the loss of Grindr support removes one of the most popular minority dating services from the platform.

is a series of Japanese visual novels that started out on PC and was then ported to the Nintendo 3DS over the last year.

The entire five-minute-long massacre which was videotaped and posted online, was entitled “A Message Signed With Blood, To The Nation of the Cross.” The gruesome film emblazoned the severed heads sadistically set atop the victims’ backs.

An ISIS jihadist dressed in military fatigues spoke with American-accented English as he pronounced, “All praise is due to Allah, the strong and mighty.

Grindr introduced a new layer of security to their servers.Now, the 3DS ports are being translated for release in the West.Last year, Circle Entertainment, who worked with Flyhigh Works to release the games on the Nintendo e Shop, said to that the West will probably not see monthly releases like Japan did, and also revealed that localization has only just begun, so it will be a couple of months until we see the first chapter.We did a lot of researching, but it is no longer possible for third party apps like Meet’m to connect to Grindr.So though you can still read your old chats, you can no longer use this app to view the guys around you or to send or receive new chat messages. But we do hope you had a lot of fun with (or thanks to) Meet’m over the last couple of years.

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